Improving Your Ecommerce Website

Last Updated on April 22, 2024

In addition to setting your business up with the best merchant account designed to fit your its needs, we here at know that there are additional ways to help improve on your business. Over the next few weeks we will be delivering additional articles which we hope will help small businesses both online and off, improve their business and head into 2012 better prepared to be a success than ever before. Our third article in this series is directed at helping ecommerce website owners improve their ability to increase sales.


Improving Your Ecommerce Website

Are you earning all you planned from your ecommerce website? Many online retailers find that tweaking their pages for small changes can yield large increases in conversions and revenue. Consider these tips for improving your ecommerce website.

9 Improvements for Ecommerce Websites

1. Create a Sales Funnel in Google Website Optimizer.

Build a sales funnel in Google Website Optimizer with measured goals at each step of the way. This will provide you with insights about where you lose customers in the process. You will also be able to track customer behavior by source, which may help you make better use of your advertising budget.

2. Respond to Feedback.

If customers report an issue with your website, consider making corrections as soon as possible. While you do not want to change your pages to suit the whim of every visitor, feedback often reveals problems you did not know existed. Your timely attention to these issues will show customers you care.

3. Clean up the clutter.

Sometimes visitors do not follow through and covert because they are confused about how to proceed. Placing a lot of white space around action buttons may make it easier for buyers to see them and take action.

4. Link to FAQ.

If prospects have questions they need answered, they may not purchase. Providing easy access to an FAQ page throughout the checkout process can help improve your conversions.

5. Provide High Quality Photos.

The better your photos, the better your product appears to be. Professional photos display your offerings at their best, which gives potential buyers confidence in your quality.

6. Display Contact Information.

Even when customers will conduct their transactions entirely online, they like the reassurance that they could call you instead. When it is difficult to find your contact information, some prospects will suspect you have something to hide.

7. Incorporate Social Media Share Buttons.

Customers who get a great deal from you may want to share their find with their friends and followers. Consider adding social media share buttons at the end of the sales process to allow customers to expand your reach for you.

8. Run Split Tests to Improve Conversions.

To run a split test, you must first create two similar web pages. You can then use Google Website Optimizer to alternate which page is shown to site visitors. Once you have enough visitors to be relevant, you will see which page performs better.

9. Create Bundled Offers.

Many customers seek out the lowest price online. However, bundled packages and bonus offerings make it a little less clear which item is the best value for comparison shoppers. Run some tests to see if you can create a package deal that looks more attractive to your prospects than your competitors stand-alone, low-balled item.

Testing and tweaking will help you perfect your website for your ideal customer. Stay attentive to the customer’s needs and improving your ecommerce website and you will enjoy higher conversions and online revenue.

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  • Lori Highby

    Totally agree with #5 here.  Too many ecommerce websites have poor quality images.  The quality of the image will shine through as a quality product and help to convert the sale on the website.  Nice post Robert.

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