Shoestring Data Security for a Small Business

Last Updated on April 22, 2024

Business data and card-processing records are critical information for a small business, particularly those in e-commerce of any kind. The loss of such information can close a business down. However, there are easy solutions available to help maintain operations and protect a small business’ data from disaster.



The best security defense to data harm involves anticipating the problems and having responses in place already to deal with them. Small businesses are no exception. The best part is, most planning is free. The business management just needs to sit down for a moment and think about three things: what are our vulnerabilities for our data, what kind of harm can likely occur, and how do we protect those information resources in such instances. To help with identifying what resources are available and can match a business’s needs, Merchant Account Guide can provide helpful assistance.


Home-Based Solutions

Once the problem areas or vulnerabilities are clearly identified and defined, the small business can then go about patching them. Cost will likely be a big issue, but there are number of inexpensive methods of data protection that can be utilized quickly with little impact.

Many small businesses have an abundance of paper records. It’s easy to just stick a document in a folder in a file cabinet. However, if that file cabinet or folder get lost or damaged, the data is gone. With the purchase of an industrial scanner and some print-ready document software much of that paperwork can be converted to electronic format and second copy.

Along these lines, the electronic data protection must also be reinforced. Three main risks are a threat: natural disaster, accidents that wipe out storage resources, and security breaches or theft (i.e. intentional harm). To save information from loss, electronic data should be backed up at least two different ways. The first should be to a backup tape, drive, or storage in addition to the primary server or computer drive. The second backup should be to a remote storage location offsite completely. Both for general data and credit card processing records, Merchant Account Guide can identify a variety of resources available to help a small business protect its transaction data.

In terms of security from intentional harm, small businesses should keep their connections to the Internet restricted with both anti-virus and firewall options. While both come in software format, firewall protections can also be had in router equipment as well. All such protections are easily affordable ranging in cost from $50 to $1,000, depending on the configuration. If services are handled through an Internet third party, Merchant Account Guide can assist small business management identify the best card processing or data transfer service with security features already included for safe e-commerce.


Cloud-Based Computing

If a small business is really strapped for funds and doesn’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a secure network, then management should consider a cloud-based approach. The cost is paid on a per-month basis similar to subscription. In turn, the small business via the Internet and basic computers with office software and access connects to the provided resources. Merchant Account Guide can identify a number of data and card-processing firms that offer their products via the Internet securely. This relieves the small business of the hassle of having to do the same on its own.

Many of the cloud-based packages, depending on the line of work, offer both file management, production, and work spaces where teams can operate as well as interaction with clients. Instead of worrying about the IT security side, the small business can then focus on its core functions and finding new clients.

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