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Eva Taylor December 10, 2011 at 10:04 pm
Customer Service
PCI Fees
Application Fee
Cancellation Fee

I am having the worst time being a Pivotal merchant! I am not complaining about the processing fees they are reasonable for my situation Im not even complaining about the 99.00 compliance fee (that no one forwarned me about) but I have been asking for a statement of all fees besides the formentioned that they have charged me and the hst attached to those fees because quite frankly I believe they are stealing from me they are just randomly taking money out of my account with no explaination and are not included in my contract. I have been chasing them for this information for the last two months, they told me i could retrieve this info off the internet…I can’t…One agent said she would email it to me….she didn’t…on the same day one agent said she would resolve this matter more money came out of my account…I am sick of dealing with this …not to mention this company has left me stressed and poor right at Christmas…nice people to deal with…I could never reccomend using this company and its services


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