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    Subject:  Evo Merchant Services            515 Broadhollow Rd            Melville, NY 11747
     I  am the owner of Beautiful Windows and Evo Merchant Services is the company I use when a buyer makes a credit card payment.  Once a credit card payment is made Evo should transfer the money to my account within twenty four hours.  On March 13, 2012, Beautiful Windows processed 4 transactions at a cost of $5,500 for Fort Jackson Army Base, Columbia SC. I was contacted by James from the Evo Risk Management Office, on March 14.  James left a voice-mail message indicating the 4 transactions were flagged but there was nothing to worry about.  When I returned to Beautiful Windows at 6:30 PM, I called Evo customer service.  The customer service representative could not tell me why the transactions were flagged. On March 15, I called James.  Since I was adamant Evo release the funds  for the transactions, the customer service representative told James I was pushy which is unacceptable behavior for conducting business with Evo.  James was rude, disrespectful, and cussed me.  The funds were being held because Evo was waiting for a chargeback.  When I told James a charge back was not going to happen and Evo was holding my money illegally, he said I was not going to get the funds.  Later, I spoke to James  supervisor Mr  Anthony Rubino and was told to fax Evo the invoice and receipts for Fort Jackson. When I told Mr. Rubino that this was confident information I and could not release the customer information without his knowledge. He told me that he was not sure I had enough money in my account to covered a chargeback he threat me and told me that if I do not provide this information I will not receive one penny. I call Fort Jackson and ask buyer Mr Fudd if I could release the information. He told me yes. I fax all the requested informaton to EVO.
    After faxing the documents to Evo, I called Lionel Kennedy.  Lionel was the Evo sales representative that sold me the credit card terminal.  I explained the situation to Lionel and he called his manager.  Lionels sales manager stated there was no reason for holding my money.  Lionel called  Felicie Strickland, the Risk Department manager.   Felice sounded annoyed and asked who gave Lionel  her phone number.  Felice told Lionel that she was trying to prevent a charge back and he should fax her the invoice, receipts and credit card imprints.  Lionel faxed all documentation except for the card imprint because Evo did not provide imprint equipment.  On 18 March, James talked to Mr. Fudd the buyer at Fort Jackson.  The buyer told James the purchase was legitimate and there would be no charge back.  22 March, the entire order including installation was complete and Evo did not transfer the funds to Beautiful Windows account.  Evo has ignored phone calls, transferred me to the wrong department and has not cooperated with their own sales person Lionel to resolve this situation of 26 March, Evo has not released the Fort Jackson buyers money to Beautiful Windows.  It appears that Evo plans to keep the $5,500 by claiming a non- existent charge back occurred.  The fraudulent behavior of Evo has severely impacted my business and I would appreciate your help in.

    EVO Information  1800-705-2559Berry Levin  Director of  Risk ManagementFelice Strickand  516-962-7587
    James  Risk Analysis     516-962-7901   ext 7642  

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