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Last Updated on January 22, 2019


This review is focused on First Data as a credit card processing provider for individual businesses. This distinction is important as First Data, contrary to almost all of the merchant service providers we have reviewed on this website is responsible for all of the transactions themselves. Mos of the processors we have reviewed are what is called ISOs, or Independent Sales Organizations, that reseller the service, often from First Data. As a result many of the complaints that are levied against some processors are actually complaints against First Data as the underwriter, and in some cases the opposite is true. For the purposes of this review we will solely be focusing on First Data as the processor.

Similar to other large processors you do risk dealing with sales representatives that may not be managed as tightly as they would be with a smaller organization. Be on the look out for contracts, cancellation fees and other items that some customers state were not properly disclosed during their sign up process.

Finally, First Data’s main business is in offering their services to be resold. As a result they do not attempt to do very much customization of accounts for direct sales, and we found that their rates were typically higher than those we were able to negotiate with other vendors.



Note: Before you get started here is a final piece of advice from our co-founder Robert Evans on the importance of calling a merchant service provider and avoiding the temptation to ask for rates and quotes through email alone. Why You Should Always Call


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