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Last Updated on August 1, 2013

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For new businesses the process seems overwhelming. For businesses that have been processing for years, the system is confusing and frustrating. With all the challenges that small business owners deal with in successfully operating their business, how you accept credit cards and who you accept credit cards with, should not have to be one of them.

Unfortunately due to the complexity of the rates, fees, and assessments that accompany every transaction, businesses find themselves dealing with an industry where margins can be padded, fees hidden, and worst often lengthy contracts and cancellation costs that actually penalize the small business that tries not to be taken advantage of.

Worse yet is that these merchant service providers have years of marketing experience and have figured out the key words and phrases that can distract earnest business owners from asking the right questions and getting the full story.

We also have reviewed and can recommend the following High Risk Merchant Account Providers:

We hope this website can provide a valuable resource to individuals looking for additional information on how to secure the lowest possible costs for their credit card processing needs. While we have a number of reviews available we also very much recommend that individuals (whether they are new or experienced) read some of our articles as we are confident they will better prepare you to negotiate the best deal possible.