Highly Rated High Risk Merchant Service Providers

Last Updated on April 22, 2024

We have reviewed merchant service providers from top to bottom, here are our list of the top five processors currently available on the market today.

Golden State Golden State

Golden State has been selected as our most highly rated, lowest transaction fees, and month to month service agreements. They are the top rated high risk merchant service provider available on the market today.

They received this ranking due to their commitment to the lowest possible costs, no contracts or cancellation fees, and the industry’s premier customer service department.

Our full review on Golden State is available here, or you can call them directly to get started now.

IBI Merchants
IBI Merchant Solutions

While one of the smaller processors we have reviewed we were very impressed with the level of service and offerings that IBI Merchants offered their customers, truly one of the most highly recommended high risk merchant account services. They accept all types of high risk merchants including collection agencies, adult companies, timeshares and startup credit repair companies. IBI has the best rankings among high risk credit card processors.

Epayments Global CreditRepairMerchantAccount.com

Similar to our second ranked processor, CreditRepairMerchantAccount.com is one of the smaller processors we have reviewed. They specialize in helping credit repair companies get approved for both visa/mastercard and echecks. However they have a fantastic track record with their existing customer base for servie and treatment. We feel they represent a solid option for individuals for whom our top 2 processors are not a quality fit. If you have been flagged as a high risk merchant and you have a credit restoration business, give them a call today.

High Risk Charge HighRiskCharge Merchant Solutions

HighRiskCharge Solutions makes our top 10 list due to a solid record of providing high risk credit card procing and low cost processing rates with quality service. They would have rated higher in our reviews if not for their policies regarding contracts and cancellation fees. They have very liberal approval rates and will approve nearly any type of high risk business type. So considering their high approval rates, you may not mind the early cancellation fees. They are one of most highly ranked high risk merchant providers.

EtelCharge Echecks EtelCharge Check By Phone

While originally focused on check drafting systems, they have expanded into offering a number of smart phone applications for the small merchant looking for an alternative to the traditional merchant account without the overhead of a machine. All business types are welcome including high risk merchants who need echeck processing and ach processing.